The Role of NATO in Afghanistan 
textstill image8 Apr 2008, NATO; its operation in Afghanistan; its future and the vital role that Canada plays in the NATO alliance. Canada's distinguished military history. Canada's selfless service and its commitment in Afghanistan. Selfless service as personified by the non-commissioned officer. Meeting and recognizing...
An End to Rhetoric: Putting Patients First 
textOctober 12 2007 Greetings from the more than 65,000 physician-members of the Canadian Medical Association. The speaker addressing the club as the 140th president of the CMA. The first president. The health of Canadians. An analogy. The Canadian health system that needs fixing. CMA solutions. People that distort...
Ontario's 2008-2009 Budget 
textMarch 26, 2008 The presentation of the 2008-09 Ontario budget to the legislature yesterday. Stronger-than-expected growth in 2007. The growth expected in 2008. Some sectors facing serious difficulties. Factors affecting growth forecasts and creating uncertainty. The government maintaining its approach. The...
An Aviation Perspective 
textNov 21 2007 Reference to the speech by the Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and its relevance to the current address. Aviation representing a snapshot of the world's economic health at any given moment and how that is so. Cathay Pacific as the largest Asian airline in Canada. The...
Terrorism in the Modern Age: the Event and the Response 
textInkster, Norman D., Terrorism in the Modern Age: the Event and the Response, "Terrorism in the Modern Age: the Event and the Response," The Empire Club of Canada Addresses (Toronto, Canada: The Empire Club Foundation, 2002), 8 Nov 2001, 182-193 A definition of terrorism. The Air India bombing. The events of 9/11. The challenge for authorities. A discussion as to why law enforcement did not act sooner, with some illustrative examples. The different structure of law enforcement agencies in Canada. The basic question: How are we to deal...
The New Liberal Vision of Canada 
text08 Oct 2008 Canadians as a great people up for a great challenge. The Liberal platform released two weeks ago. Stephen Harper's platform released yesterday. Canada's economy and its significant challenges. Facing a volatile stock market. Economic performance. Stephen Harper not facing these challenges. The...
Annual Christmas Luncheon 2008 
textDec 18, 2008 December 18, 2008 The Hon. David C. Onley Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario Annual Christmas Luncheon Chairman:Jo-Ann McArthur, President, The Empire Club of Canada Head Table Guests David Goodwin: Director, The Empire Club of Canada, and Co-Chair, The Empire Club of ...
Terrorism And Political Risk--A Key Challenge For Global Business 
text28 Nov 2007 Some references to past speeches at the Empire Club, and the founding of the Club. Anticipating and responding to the changing risk environment at the heart of Lloyd's. A focus on helping the business community understand and respond to today's risks. Some figures from Canada. Lloyd's as a very...
Reflections on Developments in the Canadian Financial System 
textDec 9, 2007 The speaker delivering his final public speech as Governor of the Bank of Canada. What the speaker means by "financial system." Why the Bank of Canada puts such emphasis on financial system issues. A look back over the past seven years - particularly the last seven months. A discussion of some...
The IT Talent Gap: Answering Canada's Greatest Human Capital Challenge 
textJune 12, 2008 Technology and the talent required that makes technology a vital part of our national economy. Reference to the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity's Report on Canada 2008 and the need it pointed to. Competing in the global economy and what that means in terms of innovation, especially...
Financial Forum 2008 
textJan 3, 2008 Donald G.M. Coxe A quote from Leon Trotsky. A century that has begun with a redefinition of the capital markets and is continuing to do so. The disaster area of the market. Misleading, deceptive misbehaviour and its consequences. Why commodities were best. The speaker's company's formula for...
Budget 2008 
text27 February 2008 The presentation of the budget yesterday in Ottawa. Where we are and where we are going. Some reference to members of the audience. The permanent sharing of the federal gas tax. The third budget of this Government of Canada. An economic plan for Canada. Steps taken yesterday as additional ones in...
Healthier Canadian Children 
textJune 24, 2008 Serving the federal government as Advisor on Healthy Children and Youth. Providing recommendations in three main areas: the efficacy of existing federal government programs; recommendations for new strategic directions; an opinion regarding the establishment of an office that would advise the...
Forum on the 2008 United States Presidential Election 
textApr 17, 2008 This is a moderated panel. John Ibbitson acts as moderator. The address is a series of questions and answers, an exchange of views. Questions from the audience were also addressed. First question to Paul Cellucci regarding John McCain and the Republican race. Ibbitson: "... what kind of a...
Annual Christmas Luncheon 2007 
textDec 13 2007 An annual Toronto tradition since 1913. The advent of lieutenant-governors at the head table in 1963. Celebrating a host of multicultural holidays. The makeup of this year's Christmas luncheon head table. Looking forward to the presentation of this year's Empire Club Community Service Award. What...
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